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Your pulse will begin to race as you are kitted up and armed to the teeth.Then given a thorough safety brief before you are allowed to unleash the beast!!!

You have been given your orders, your team assembles to plan their  assault.
Nerves tingle, minds are focused. You are ready accomplish the mission that lies ahead.

With advice from ex military personnel, you will 'SURPRIZE-SHOCK AND STUN' your enemy (even yourselves!). Your platoon will blaze forward from a cloud of smoke. With hearts pounding, you will encounter a fierce fire fight in 'BLOW THE DUMP', absolute carnage in the trenches and a baptism of fire  on the 'D-DAY' beach.
Raw War uses a wide range of pyrotechnics and special effects, such as mortar tubes for lobbing smoke & the RPG wire guided rocket simulator  for those of you wanting it real!



The sheer scale of Raw War Paintball is most impressive, coupled with our motivation to be the premier paintball site in the U.K. Every effort is made to ensure you have a great day and to make your time with us unforgettable.

Raw War Paintball Is the most exciting adrenaline-pumping group exprience that money can buy, you can spend as little or as much as you want once you have paid your initial entrance fee, you can even participate even when the cash runs out. Ideal for stag & hen parties, schools colleges & youth organizations, sports clubs & team building events, or just friends who just want to shoot & bomb the hell out of each other!

Half day, full day and evening sessions are available 7 days a week with great deals always available so you can all experience Raw War paintball, just come and talk to us!
Refreshments are available throughout the day and lunch at in local village inn ia available on request.
For the best paintball experience in the area: Paintball Barrow-in-Furness, Paintball Windermere, Paintball Kendal, Paintball Ulverston, Paintball Penrith, Paintball Lake District, Paintball Coniston, Paintball Ambleside 



 Raw War Paintballing





   Tel: 01900 826036
Mobile: 07442506822 
e-mail: rawwarpaintballcumbria.co.uk