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1) Go 'OVER THE TOP' in the ultimate trench warfare course. Both sides are locked in dogged cambat, trying desperately to recapture their colours,that have been captured in a  previous battle. Three toots on the whistle "OVER - THE - TOP"!! is the cry as every man  leaves the sanctuary of his trench and hurtles forward into the abyss,when the smoke clears,will your side be victorious?

2) Its... 'D-DAY'...and now your time has come to become immortalised!!! The door slams down on your landing craft as your intrepid platoon is plunged into the unknown!!!.....can you survive the vicious onslaught and take out the enemy bunkers and capture the  headquarters!!

3) 'PEGASUS BRIDGE'.....The country is relying on you in this 'Do or Die' mission.You will be dropped deep behind enemy lines,your mission.... Blow up Pegasus Bridge in a surprise attack, preventing enemy troops reinforcing the front line......suppress enemy fire, long enough to prime the real claymore clacker (used in Vietnam) and watch the bridge blow!!!

It is stalemate in NO MANS LAND, the enemy are deeply entrenched, picking off their brave opponents at will with accurate sniper fire as they move into a forward position to mount their perilous attack, where they have to streak across the open land, navagate through enemy fortifications and shoot the  bulls eye ,wired to a explosive. The team with the fastest time, deservedly earning themselves the biggest buzz by blowing the hell out off the fleeing Colonel in a simulated rocket attack, using a real Iraqi RPG, which can be seen in use by clicking here.

'LAST MAN STANDING'....Fast furious and  really gets you pumped up. ! This purpose built competition concept field is filled with many barricades.Players have two lives each,this time,the two teams then line up at each end of the field in  a holding area.Everyone must run out from their starting position and close in,in doing so cutting down the enemie's options. Approx fives later,the marshalls shout ''STAND UP'',everyone gets on their feet and cuts each other down in a storm of paintballs.Very often the stag and bestman are  the only ones remaining on the losing team.....save the best until last.....what do you say.!!!

There's 3 flags positioned in the huge tyres situated between you and the enemy in scary land. Phase 1 of the mission is to advance from your secure positions on the ridge, sweeping down the steep embankment(often very slippery ha ha!)., Confusing your opponents with a diversionary attack down the flanks whilst the rest of the team blaze down the slope, taking cover in the long trench, before blitzing over the earth mound and  getting their heads down behind the huge tyres. Phase 2, extract the flags back to the safety of your observation post back on top of the ridge.Guaranteed to unearth a nutter in you!!

This is our largest combat arena. This woodland offers many challenges with natural cover,fox holes,huts and defenses. 

Each team lines up at either end of the wood in their respective bases waiting eagerly for the blast of the airhorn. The objective is to make your way into the middle of the wood where you will come across the village. In one of the many huts, there will be a  hidden flag. Both teams engage in a hectic battle as they move house to house attempting to locate this flag, which they have to grab and over run the apposing teams base.A real  pitched battle that can go either way in the blink of an eye!

 This is one of the favourites!The lowlanders have outgrown their fort and have been tasked to invade the Highlander's swanky fort on the hilltop. To help the lowlanders in their invasion, there are seven river crossings and four tree houses, barricades & natural ditches which are to be used wisely along with good diversionary tactics if you are to be successful.